Computer Memories from 2000-2010


Ive been cronically on the internet since early 2000. Been going through a lot of internet communities and forums. Many of them grew on me quite a bit and spawned a whole lot of other things.

I still have a ton of files, videos and pictures that I need to go through. Either Ill make a new article, or just change this one.

Half Life 1/2 Mod Scene

  • Half Life 1/2 mod scene has pretty much pioneered my career. So many fond memories of playing Sven co-op and other various HL1/HL2 mods. In the late 2000s I was daily visiting and Planet Half-Life to look for new things to try.

  • I started learning Hammer and was spending a ton of time with friends on coming up with new map ideas and trying to implement them.

  • For some time I was working on a Foregone Destruction (From Unreal Tournament) interpretation for Team Fortress 2. Getting the Navigation working for the bots was super wonky, but I got so happy seeing the bots going for the Suitcase.

Screenshot from team Team Fortress 2 showing a custom map with similarities of Foregone Destruction

  • Spent a ton of time with The Hidden and The Specialist. The Specialist was super cool, I think it was one of the first games where I was role-playing quite a bit. Much later on when I started learning Unity, I worked with good friend of mine on a "remastered" version of The Hidden that never really got so far - but I loved the idea.

  • I was SO hyped for Half-life 2 as it was about to release. I had one of those Game Magazine CD's with a video tech demo this video to be specific. I think some kind of interactive application where you could watch various videos? Some months before the release I was begging my Dad if he had found an early copy and I think he got one of those leaked Russian beta builds - it was super buggy and I remember only being able to play a few minutes until it would crash for whatever reason unknown.

  • Garry's Mod had this Deathmatch Gamemode. I made a map for it that never got released. Here is a unlisted video showcasing it.

Battlefield 2

  • I was playing in a danish-only clan called "Elite Elimination". On almost weekly basis we played against other danish teams.

  • I got recruited for the clan on (internet archive) - It was like a DM by some random guy. He said their clan were looking for new members - I think the clan had a limit to hold old you could be, as every other clan were at least older than 20 or something. So this clan focused on recruiting all the "young" ones (Sounds awful, but honestly worked out pretty nicely). Other clan members that I can remember "Nikklas", "Neroin" and "Awestrukz".

  • BF2 net code was nutourisly bad. But there was quite a few unique terminologies such as

    • "Solo Chopper" flying one of the helicopters solo while still being able to fire the secondary seat and not trashing.
    • "Dusting" whenever you would hit another player, it would show dust (client side) but the server wouldn't register it. Happened all the time!
  • As I was already pretty obsessed with Garry's Mod, I was also quite interested in the BF2 e

  • One of my favourite videos at the time was the Helicopter skill showcase video by player Redux. There was a ton of other videos as well such as Duck & Cover, Mine by Snoken Productions and Gun Sounds! by Serpento (Serpento made a ton of great videos!)

Minecraft Alpha/Indev

  • During Minecraft Indev I remember watching Notch streaming on Twitch (I think?). It was so cool to see him add new features in real-time. I believe there was a lot of request in chat for a grabbling hook and he was pondering whether that wouldn't make traversal of the terrain way to quick and easy.

  • I loved SirCrest's Minecraft Interstate videos. I discovered him through Facepunch Forums.

  • I have an old unlisted video from me playing Alpha version, just as minecarts were released. I was trying to figure out how many powered minecarts was needed to go up-slope. I was quite inspired by SirCrest interstate videos when making this video. Notice the music playing; I was obsessed with Two Steps From Hell at the time!

  • Another unlisted video inspired by SirCrest's interstate. I really enjoyed timelapse videos at the time.

Facepunch Forums

  • I was forever lurking on Facepunch Forums. Think my account was created December 2009 maybe? I no clue how to find out, my account was either variety of "Fatrix", "Fatrix_DK", "Fetrix", these were at least my old internet nicknames. I might have gotten it renamed to "Jalict" before the shutdown of the forums.

  • Back in 2012 I was playing ARMA together with a bunch of Facepunch members. It was super fun, we did various events, some where we were playing against each other, some against NPCs. I remember this gamemode where we had to escort a single player "as president" and we were his security. Here is an unlisted video of us trying to explode a wall. I remember "croguy" as being hilarious. "SSG Cuel" was one of the main organisers of the events.


  • I played Dark Reign 2 at some point; I don't exactly remember the game. But... the soundtrack! WOW! I am still to this date listening to it very often.

  • Back in 2012 I was part of UNF Game Development Camp. There was a talk by Morten Iversen about the cancelled Danish video game Recoil: Retrograd by ZeitGuyz. I was stunned by the quality of the game, and saddened by the challanges that (many) Danish game studios were facing. I remember he showed a DVD with the game name on it, which supposedly had the last build on it

  • I joined a raffle giveaway on some Danish games website, to win Crysis Collector's Edition for PC. And I won! But, unfortunately I didn't have a good enough computer to run it. So I just had a mint copy for years that I never got to play.

  • 2009 I was playing Wurm Online quite a bit with a few friends. The 'Independence' may had recently been released, but there was no map of it. So I started a community project where I had a massive PSD file with many of the settlements on the map. There is still a thread out there! In-game I went by the name 'Uranoz'. Interestingly enough, it looks like the project has been carried by others all the way until 2013 - Makes me super proud!

Community Map of the Independence

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