Defaulting to non-fiction


It's Sunday, I am currently doing house chores. I think to myself, "Maybe I should listen to a Podcast!" and the first thing that comes to my mind is Within Reason by Alex O'Connor.

But I quickly asked myself, "why is that I always default to non-fictional?" I have always been so good at finding myself some kind of technical or learning experience.

And at this point I think I deserve a break you know? Find something fun! Something that instead of breaking me closer to something, takes me away from my current experience and condition.

This has also been crossing my mind in terms of books - the current books I am reading:

Recently, I also recently started on 1f300 by Stanley Lieber, which has been really interesting, but I haven't gotten that far yet. But otherwise, a lot of these are pretty heavy topics!

I miss the days when I would listen to Third Ear Podcast several times a week, while biking to University.

But I think this comes down to my own comfort. The obsession with "learning", "productivity", "being smarter", "growing" is something I have always just been doing. I never read Harry Potter, Ender's Game, Game of Thrones, etc. I didn't grow up with fiction in my life. It just doesn't come natural to me (and I think it even reflects in my persona, oopsie... I mean look at this website for god sake haha!).

I think it would do me great in many ways, so I hope to find more things that could throw me off the red thread. NeoCities has been great joy in that department, and all the indieweb really has poked me in new directions.

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