Workshop Wishes


Having a workshop must be real nice - at least I really wish I could have one right now. I recently discovered Domingo Club, which is an amazing project on exploring fermentation. And they have this interesting little fermentation box. And, I thought to myself, "Oh I would love to make something like that for myself as l little hobby project!".

And having a CNC for that would be, incredible?! Just do a little SketchUp/Blender and get, prototype a little around, nothing fancy. But I could have a box up and running in a pretty short time. Maybe do a little routing around the edges to get nice bevels. Drill some extra holes for the fans I wanna install.

Suddenly there are just all of these tools I am missing. And, it has just been frustrating me lately that this is not possible for me. I don't have the money or, if I even had the money, I really don't have the space for it!

I started thinking about communal workshops, shared tools, there must be something? At the moment I am looking at V10 hosted by Maker Effect here in Copenhagen. The subscription is like at least 1.500 DKK a month, so it seems like I need to assign some dedicated time if I were even to dig into that -- Its a fair price, just a big commitment. Secondly, Labitat, a hackerspace, near my work could potentially have some of the tools I would like to use.

But it is just something I find a little frustrating, why is this not more available to everyone? We all need tools here and there. Some people get their own workshops up and running and spend a ton of money on getting all the tools, and then they just barely use them... Why not get others to use it? I would love to see more community driven workshops where we can contribute tools more. The apartment I currently live in actually has a basement workshop, but due to lack of contributors they have decided to close it and convert it to storage rooms - And that was just so painful for me to hear!

I just wish, in the future, that I have figuring out a good way to get access to some of these tools. That I can build more without (too much) friction. That I can seek help from others and help them with other things I know of. I think the maker/hacker spaces are perfect for this, so let us see if I can get into that environment a little bit.

I just wonder what others thoughts are on this? Do you feel like you found a solution? Did you find some friends and rent a studio converted into a workshop? Did you just buy all the tools and happy with that?

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